Zanzibar: spices, wind, tropical dreams, big smiles

Zanzibar has a very unique feel to it. You can feel the Arab, African and Muslim influences, but all is very peaceful. One reason is that fact that everyone seems to have enough to eat and drink and a roof over their head.

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The real Lion King

Our driver’s name was Godlisten and he was so chilled that he may just be one of the representatives from our universe. Over xmas 2013 we did Tanzania the Express way. Seven days, 3 parks, lots of impressions, and thousands and thousands of animals. I have so many impressions in my mind that it feels

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True North

Clearly the worst month to hang out pretty much anywhere in Europe’s hot spots is August, the reason being of course that it is hot, dirty and filled with endless batches of tourists. A notable exception is Sweden: the tourist season shuts down at the beginning of August, and we pretty much had the country

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