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Black Magic on Tanna

Black Magic was an integral part of cultures across the Vanuatu and Melanesian islands. Magic men could make things happen by deep thinking and simple rituals. They could go both ways, good things such as rain and blessing for your marriage, and not so good things such as injury and poisoning. On the black magic

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catch me if you can KASTOM style

Kastom – old style happy life

Tanna offers some more tourist spectacles: there is the custom village, which offers a perfect show of traditional living. We are welcomed by the chief in the traditional namba outfit. Legend has it that this ingenious construction increases potency – even when you are old – and the health of newborns. Looking at the kids

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the most impressive firework I have ever seen (photo courtesy of Xenia Aurora Corvin who we met on our trip to Tanna)

Fire from the Earth

For sunset it is time to drive up to the crater of the Volcano at Mt. Yasur, the most accessible active volcano in the world. Jack drives the Land Rover across the large sand flat at the base of the volcano at full speed and everyone is screaming for joy, mixed with a bit of

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John Frum Cargo Cult

Melanesia is full of local cults which are fascinating. The principles are very similar, of Maslowian nature and actually quite simple to follow. It goes like this: if you engage in certain practices, then these great events will happen and / or beautiful things will be given to you. The founders and leaders of cargo

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very pure...

Vanuatu – The untouched paradise

“Vanuatu – the untouched paradise” this is the claim the Ministry of Tourism chose for their advertising campaign, which is predominantly geared at Australians and Kiwis. But it is not just a claim, there is actually quite a bit of truth to it. Vanuatu is largely untouched, and this is predominantly because a. Most people

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TANNA – happiness explored

We arrived on Tanna, one of the larger Vanuatu islands about 45 min South with about 25000 locals, in a brand-spanking CJR72 air conditioned airplane with irritatingly westernized service standards. At the airport, Mona welcomed us with a warm and open smile. She is a relative or our new friends in Port Vila and we

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Efate – diving into the Vanuatu lifestyle

We arrive in Vanuatu in Port Vila on the island of Efate and got welcomed by the local band playing lovely mellow songs for us, while the rain was adding its own water music melody. What we did not know is, that from January until August it is rainy season here, sometimes it rains up

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