Happy Birthday Robinson

Since weeks we were doing the countdown until Robinson”s birthday. Almost every morning after waking up Robinson was planning the big big party.

Who are we going to invite?
Girls, girls, girls. Just girls, from preschool. Top of the list is Lahela, sweet and Hawaiian. She is the one, who get drawings with little hearts on it and who gives secret love letters to Robinson. There is also Tristen with her curly dark hair, Linea, half-Swedish as her father came to Hawaii as surfer and Maile, sweet and adventurous.

What are we going to do?
Lots of playing: a treasure hunt at the beach with a real treasure map and a big treasure box with lots of treasures inside.

What are we going to eat?
The birthday cake should be a fudgy big chocolate cake with gummy bears and, of cause, 5 candles on top.

What presents???
Robinson has many wishes, but he realized quickly that we cannot carry around bikes and skateboards and all these things on our trip. So he wants new shorts, flipflops and learn how to surf….

So finally, Robinson could wake up with the certainty, that he is 5 years old. He smiled big time


and went to the beach for the sunrise (yes, it was not even 6 a.m.) with Gerry.

Wow – how different it feels to start the birthday in swim shorts in the turquoise water instead of in long jeans running through autumn leaves….

Coming back from the beach, it was time for the morning bday blast.

Happy birthday cake

Of course unwrapping presents was part of the fun as well. There were flipflops like all the other kids have in preschool, a twin island T-shirt from Mike, 5 Dollars from the lovely grandpa in the restaurant the night before, bubbles from Mike, the painter and Jill, who live in the summer right here on the beach, a book about “Kimo”s surfing lesson” from Eva and Peter, our landlords, and lots of presents from the family :).

We LOVE presents....
And some really lovely birthday greetings from Rocco, Ada, Nike, Tim & Paulina, ….

In the afternoon everything was ready for THE party….What we did not know is, that Hawaiians “take invitations easy” and show up rather late or never…But as special guests Omi and Dieter entertained the kids until Maile, Siena, Linea and her brother Lukas showed up. Kids were hunting treasures following pirat Gerry”s instructions….

Pirates on treasure hunt...

And eating yummie yummie cake….


What a day…..

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