it seems that in NZ you can drive and park where ever you want, especially on the most beautiful beaches...

Why travel?

Travelling is not so much about seeing different beaches, monuments or scenic highlights. It is the journey into new worlds, that we share with people we never met before. I believe we do not find these moments that often at home, because we know everything so well and we control the day with our brains,

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Beautiful bay of Sunmer


This morning we enjoyed beautiful Waikuku beach with a great wave just North of Christchurch. Like almost everywhere in NZ, we shared the waves with 1 or 2 others, plenty of space to play. Later on we discovered the different districts of Christchurch, mostly overwhelmed by the little beach towns close to Christchurch like Sumner,

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Hula hippieee

Sienna turns 4

  From there we cruised down to the Abel Tasman national park, where we have so great memories from 7 years ago. Today is Sienna’s birthday. She wakes up with a big big smile, now as she is 4 years old. Here is the recipe for her birthday cake. Not that it was exceptionally good,

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Dancing to the rhythm of the earth

Under the moonlight

Luminate Festival 2010, 5 days of earth-friendly music, dancing, healing, inspiration We drive up the mountains near Motueka on a dirt road at the top of Takaka Hill, right behind the golden sands of Abel Tasman Park. We are singing loudly to Sira and Caitlins CD, which I found some days ago in Nelson in

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In Nelson we get in touch with the long missed family again, as Gerry”s mother and her husband Dieter are in Nelson for a few months in winter. We realize, that over the months we appreciate things more. Not only the beautiful house we can live in, the great food from Gerry”s mother, but also

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Spontaneous micro-explorative flow

In some of the countries we visit we cruise around and explore. New Zealand is such a place, and here we have fully embraced a travel philosophy that is new to us: I have named it SPONTANEOUS MICRO-EXPLORATIVE FLOW on our last world tour 2001/2002 we used the following mix: 1/3 Lonely Planet 1/3 tipps

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Foxton looks like a small saloon town. Coming to the campground at the beach, we discover the beauty of this under rated spot. Especially for kids it is heaven on earth. There is another phantastic beach with nice surf for the kids. Sienna and Robinson became friends with a girl at the beach, who has

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On our drive to Taupo we pass the Huka Falls, where the Waikato River which is normally 100m wide, is squeezed through a 20 metre wide gorge and over a 20m drop. Every second up to 220,000 litres of water gushes through the gorge and creates a beautful light turquoise pool. Just watching this natural

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Raglan – great community with ocean spirit

Raglan Raglan is known as surfertown with about 4000 people, in season about 10.000. There are three world-class point breaks. Manu Bay is said to offer the longest left hand rides on the planet and featured in Bruce Brown’s 1964 classic surf film The Endless Summer. Further along the coastline sit the breaks of Whale

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Every third New Zealander lives in this mega metropolis, and most people in the country seem to despise it. However, it is not so bad after all. The 1.5 million inhabitants are nicely dispersed into the suburbs along the North and South beaches. There are many little towns with beautiful beachfront settings. Living is expensive

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