Good bye Hawaii

Our last days in Hawaii presented our home away from home in its real beauty again: sunshine on the beach, great surf, a bit of wind, good times with friends. A real jewel we found is Kalama Beach Park in Kailua. We started with skim boarding on our boogie boards, which Robinson has come to

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North Shore coming alive

Upon our return from the Big Island we were blessed with news of the biggest swell in a decade arriving from the North the same night. The entire island of Oahu was in eager anticipation of the biggest surfing event in the world, the EDDIE AIKAU invitational, which takes place at Waimea every winter in

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Embracing dolphins

We were very fortunate to make friends with Julie who trained the dolphins at Dolphin Quest, a dolphin encounter venture at the beautiful Kahala hotel near Diamond Head. One morning we found ourselves in the water with the two young boys Hoku (star) and Nainoa (magic), playing and splashing and hugging and kissing. It filled

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Good bye Oahu

Just before we left we had a little get together for our new found friends, right down at the beach. The weather was kind to us, it was mild and we got a fire sunset again. We served cold Longboard Island Lager from the Kona Brewing Company (currently our favourite brew), and some pupus (hawaiian

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Last days in lanikai

One eye is teary, for leaving the perfect water paradise, our new found friends, the community with lots of aloha spirit, our little home away. The other eye blinks with excitement about traveling into new worlds, and getting new inspiration. The days treat us with warm winds, a yoga session and swim at the beach,

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Robinson in his own world: preschool

Now after 2 months, preschool days are over. As difficult as the start was, as hard it was to say good-bye. Wonderful memories of a warmhearted crowd of kids and teachers…. Being cool…. He learnt how to do great parties: Writing invitations, preparing beautiful flower decorations, baking all sorts of cookies,…. He knows all the

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Hallo Halloween….

Halloween is taking over Hawaii… Within days, huge spiders and witches are crawling around on roofs, tombstones turn gardens into graveyards, fences are covered by gigantic spiderwebs, pumpkins look with scary faces at you. During daylight you may see kids dressed up as jellyfish or rainbow. When the night turns in, you see among friendly

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Happy Birthday Robinson

Since weeks we were doing the countdown until Robinson”s birthday. Almost every morning after waking up Robinson was planning the big big party. Who are we going to invite? Girls, girls, girls. Just girls, from preschool. Top of the list is Lahela, sweet and Hawaiian. She is the one, who get drawings with little hearts

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Outrigger canoes

Gerry is now exploring the outrigger canoe world with a team in Lanikai. Basically, you practice 3 times a week, and once you get knighted by the master steersman, you can also participate in one of the many competitions that are being held all over the Hawaiian islands. The outrigger canoe is truly magic and

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