Robinson in his own world: preschool

Now after 2 months, preschool days are over. As difficult as the start was, as hard it was to say good-bye.

Wonderful memories of a warmhearted crowd of kids and teachers….

Robinson's preschool friends

Being cool….
Be cool

He learnt how to do great parties: Writing invitations, preparing beautiful flower decorations, baking all sorts of cookies,….
Teatime party

He knows all the guys at the fire department and can splash water on anybody, who wants to get wet….

Mr Robinson fire marshall

In Hawaii the family is really big, to the “ohana” everybody belongs, who is part of the family by soul…Those who are wondering why my legs are soooo looonnnngggg, ask Robinson:”Mummy is dancing the hula…”. And the green balls next to some heads are the ears (they appear only with persons, who know how to listen ;).


When you wake up, how do you feel? Happy? Tired? Full of love?
Robinson was feeling almost every day “smiley” during preschool time – ok, not the first 3 days, to be honest…


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