Living mindfulness – 3 months of surfing, bliss, family love

3 months, 5 countries, 12 flights, thousands of waves surfed, countless smiles. Reflecting on a few months of adventure and bliss. We truly lived, more authentically than before, simpler, in full family love. Just having time to hang out and share every day with the loved ones is an amazing gift. Time is much slower

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Tofino – Tuff City surf town

Tofino has been one of my favourite places on Earth, ever since I slept in my own little driftwood castle at Long Beach right in front of the always thundering waves. And yes, real estate prices have soared here as well, but the town itself has retained much of its character, and received some new

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Our last stop is Canada and we smoothly arrive with all our stuff via Toronto. This metropolis was my home for ten years and still strikes me as one of the most breathtaking cities in the world. Driving from the airport it looks like not much has changed. A few new buildings here and there,

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Puerto Viejo

We liked to get a feel for the Caribbean side to get a more complete impression of Costa Rica. At the coast the ocean is mellow, but not turquoise and crystal clear. We are passing Limon, the hub of all containers transporting bananas, pineapples, papayas etc. to Europe. Further south is Puerto Viejo, the little

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Arenal is the one area that every guide and tour operator in Costa Rica seems to sell to the tourists – a must go place. We had heard rumours about high winds (wrong time of year). Instead we entered a world of jungle, a beautiful lake at the foot of a volcano, and a funny

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Nosara is another beach town, that is attracting surfers and expats from all around the world. Nosara has an endless sandy beach with waves every day. Big waves for us.     It is all about surf culture, nature, healthy living, local art and products… In the jungle, there are some huts and restaurants, some

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Costa Rica – Santa Teresa

We arrive in Costa Rica in the dark in pouring rain. Yes, it is rainy season…. We pick up our rental car and spend the first night in a hotel close to the airport. http://www.hotelbrillasol.com/ But still, it feels already a bit like in the jungle, for sure Costa Rican with the typical Costa Rican breakfast

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cubana ticket

Cuban style flying

Cuba, one of the last enclaves of communism on the globe, has missed progress in almost every area of life, and flying is no different. We have booked flights with Cubana to and from Cuba, as they offer the only direct connection and the cheapest fare (and surfboards as it turns out are charged at

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Cayo Levisa

After 10 days without any ocean, we were keen on exploring the Caribbean waters. Cayo Levisa is in the North, a remote small island with just one hotel. It is about a half an hour ferry ride. The hotel was a nice surprise, as it has various beach bungalows built along the beautiful white sandy

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Cuban country side – Viñales and Soroa

From Havana we explored a bit the countryside. Viñales is a  small town in the mountains surrounded by lush green jungle. We live the very basic pleasures. Swimming in the river, surrounded by pigs and piglets, oxes passing by… Time to meditate and think about what is. From the distance, many days would look the

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