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Cabarete kite mecca

Everybody told us, Cabarete is too busy, too messed up and not worth a visit. But we felt like we have to see it ourselves… The drive along the coast was flavoured with stunning views of turquoise water and endless beaches, busy villages etc. Arriving in Cabarete, we have had a great surprise, as our

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Las Terrenas life

So some might wonder, what is so different from a house and pool in summer on Mallorca? And there is a lot! There is so much different, that I first had to see and digest. Where are we here?!? After one week, I love many things about Las Terrenas: Kiting: There is a very cool

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Las Terrenas

The next morning we are off to Las Terrenas. It is an absolutely stunning drive through the mountains on a perfectly build highway, sponsored by Coca-Cola and Orange. We approach las Terrenas: little wooden shacks with palm leaf roofs. Bananas, passion fruits, mangos, coconuts. There is a wide range of delicious fresh fruits directly from

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Dominican Republic?!!?

Next stop is the Dominican Republic…. When we told friends, that this is one of our stops on our trip, we did not get the “aahhh” and “ooohhh””” . And to be honest, it wouldn’t have made it, if our friend Jana wasn’t so in love with a special place called Las Terrenas. We arrived

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3 weeks passed

Now it is 3 weeks and it feels like 3 months. What happened ? We spend our days and nights in bikini or not much more…surrounded by mellowness, the warm wind, the warm rain, the sun, the warm ocean, the mild air. We eat healthy by nature. The fruits from the tree, the coconut with

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