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3 weeks passed

Now it is 3 weeks and it feels like 3 months.

What happened ?

We spend our days and nights in bikini or not much more…surrounded by mellowness, the warm wind, the warm rain, the sun, the warm ocean, the mild air.
We eat healthy by nature. The fruits from the tree, the coconut with its water, the fresh fish (in some places), the eggs from the chicken around the corner. Healthy is the natural way as the local people eat. Until they have money and buy all the processed stuff like cereals, soft drinks, etc.

We started meditating every evening at sunset. Sometimes we have had a spot at the beach. Sometimes on a beautiful daybed. Sometimes in a hotel room. But the deep breathing was the same.

We started to have time. First it is a bit scary, but then creativity kicks in. It feels like we all look at the day differently. We play and laugh, we talk more and share more impressions, we do more together and enjoy the little things more.

We got infused by the joy of the locals. Some people said, the Caribbeans are unfriendly. Of course, there are grumpy faces as well. Not often. On the wave, in the street, wherever we are together, we get a warm welcome , often a big smile and some good spirit.

Why talk if you can sing?
I remember the day, when Robby and Sienna had almost 40 degree fever on
Barbados and we had to go to the doctors office. There was this old lady sitting with her old sick husband. She has had and ipad with some concert playing while she was singing away. And everybody thought it is just the way it is.
Everywhere people are singing. At the doctors office. In the bus. At the bar. At the beach. In a shop. Alone. Together. Why talk if you can sing? So we sing as well.

Why walk if you can dance?
And people are dancing. Real rhythm. Just infusing. I remember when we crossed the fish market, we saw these ladies in their white rubber boots cleaning the fish stall. Dancing. Some starting. More joining in. Well, in Las Terrenas the dancing got us. We go out to a bar and even we don’t even know how we write the local dance style we DANCE.

Time for love & listening
I felt even more in love allover again. We discover all the little things, that are us. We see how much we enjoy together. We live this spontaneous dive into life. We have time to spread happiness and see it coming alive. Feels like goosebumps.

I started a coaching cycle accompanying this trip. Every week I dive into a topic. And explore.



Las Terrenas is such a special spot. First we really needed some time to get to know the spot. But then we felt in love with it.

Today we leave for Cabarete. It feels already strange to say good-bye.
To Christina, who welcomed us full of friendship.
To our favourite Restaurant El Lugar with Bruno.
To the dancing nights out trying to dance Bachata, Meringue and Salsa.
To our wonderful guide Jose Louis.
To our favourite juice bar, where we have had fresh juice mixes.
To Dimi and his family, who were wonderful kite instructors
To Guillaume and his hotel acaya at Bonita Beach
To Carolinas Surf school.
And many more to mention…

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