Traveling the world with kids

Living out of bags for a year, with kids in tow? 100 different beds? Having kids attached for 24 / 7? Worrying about mosquitos, robberies, poisonous animals, falling overboard, bloody knees? For some families, traveling with kids around the globe for 12 months sounds like a serious nightmare, to others including us, it sounded like

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Flowing around the world – Gerry’s Best Moments

One year by the ocean, 25 flights and 50000 miles flown, 4000 km driving on US Pacific Coast, 5000 km in NZ, 3000 km on OZ East Coast, 7000 km on OZ West Coast, 10 countries, 15 islands, over one hundred different beds, hundreds of beaches, thousands of animals on land and in the water,

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1 year of travel: what we have learned

One of the surprises of this adventure was the amazing variety and number of people we met all over the globe from around the globe who we felt had a great spirit and positive energy. Many have been uncompromisingly following their passion, not just as a recreational pursuit but as a central element of their

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Moreno glacier in Patagonia

Earth from Above

Yann Arthus Bertrand likes to call himself photographer turned eco-activist. With his projects he has realized very powerful work to help save our planet, always dramatically showing how beautiful our world is, how this beauty is in danger due to human intervention and what we can do to solve it. He always puts a positive

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