it seems that in NZ you can drive and park where ever you want, especially on the most beautiful beaches...

Why travel?

Travelling is not so much about seeing different beaches, monuments or scenic highlights. It is the journey into new worlds, that we share with people we never met before. I believe we do not find these moments that often at home, because we know everything so well and we control the day with our brains, so that we do not open up for the unexpected so easily.
Here we take on the kids’ view again: skipping, dancing and playing. Not much rationalizing, judging, worrying or pleasing…It also means trusting in our kids and creating a safe environment to allow their best selves to grow.

It is also a journey of self discovery. Doing the things that we love from deep inside our hearts. Finding the values, that are most meaningful to us, living our life according to our own truth and on our own terms, living in the process of creating and realizing what’s most important to us.
We definitely cut down our lifestyle. And it is amazing, but we do not miss any of our luxury gadgets. At home, we almost felt the same no matter what we added to our belongings, as we stayed the same inside. On the road, we changed to a healthier lifestyle and were more in the moment and more driven by our hearts. And it seems like we can enjoy so much more…

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