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Since I am in touch with the Hawaiian culture, I wanted to learn more and understand better. I learnt the Lomi massage back home in Munich and have had the pleasure to attend a sacred Hawaiian Awa ceremony.
Then I heard of Kahu Naone, as my lomi teacher is one of his long-term students.

Kahu Naone
Kahu is a man at peace within himself and a man who helps others find peace. Born Kapi’ioho’okalani Lyons Naone, he was trained since six years old in the ancient Hawaiian traditions to be a healing practitioner and teacher in Hawaiian spirituality, physical healing, conflict resolution, ancient warrior arts, rituals and protocol.

Why go to Kahu?
– Find peace within yourself, with everything around you and with others
– Reconnect with the center of the universe and all natural things
– Finding “human truth”
– Strengthen your “mana” (spiritual power)
– “spiritual perfection” for yourself

I have had the unique opportunity to be with him on his sacred land “Kipahulu” on Maui for 10 days.

Kahu and his wife Liana invite specially selected students from around the world to come to study, receive healing sessions or just spend peaceful time with them. Very rarely will he leave this spiritual place, and only to visit other spiritual places, teach or conduct spiritual healing sessions.

When people think of HAWAI’I, they reflect on the warm climate, beautiful beaches, rain forests and friendly local people. More simply put, they think Hawai’i is what paradise should be like.

To Maoli (Hawaiians), Hawai’i is where the “HA” (spiritual breath/energy), the “WAI” (water, the symbol of physical life), and the “I” (spirit and guidance of the ancestors), come together to create “Aloha” perfection in love, harmony, and peace). HAWAI’I is their ancestral home.

But to Kahu, and other Huna practitioners, Hawai’iis not just the paradise around you, or the place that all the spiritual powers gather. It is the “HA”, the “WAI” and the “I” that gathers within you that gives you perfection in loved, harmony and peace.

We practiced the rituals and protocols and Kahu Naone opened up to us his endless wisdom about Hawaii: from spirituality to family life, from nature to healing, from peace inside to peace in the world. We have had also the honour to visit some of his most sacred places.

For me it was a journey to myself, where I could discover new dimensions of being.

I shared this unique experience with wonderful people and I am deeply touched by the wisdom, unconditional love and humor of Kahu Naone.

Der Blick aus meinem Zelt
Beautiful morning sunrise from my window (in the tent)

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