THANK YOU to our friends

1 year of travelling around the world is over. We would like to send big THANKS to you wonderful people for being part of unforgettable memories, making us feel welcome and at home no matter how far we went.

We treasure every moment of friendship, every day of sharing the joy and the beauty of life. We will keep all the amazing memories in our hearts and hope to see you all again. You are welcome in our world at any time, where ever that may be. Thanks for making this year the best of our lives…

Evy and Bart on Long Island, NY
Tim and Christina in Mountauk and NYC
Scott and Leila in Vancouver
Jörg and Pascale in Vancouver
Andi and Denise in Point Arena, CA
Dylan and Mike for cool music in Big Sur, CA
Jim and Leslie in San Francisco
Marian and Charlie in Kailua, Hawaii
Herbert and Renate in Lanikai, Hawaii
Peter and Eva in Lanikai, Hawaii
Mike and Jil in Lanikai, Hawaii
William and Georgina in Lanikai, Hawaii
Brenda for beautiful healing in Kailua, Hawaii
Kevin and Mike for getting us into kiting in Kailua, Hawaii
Hailey and her bliss in Lanikai, Hawaii
Levi Verwoest in Kailua, Hawaii
Peter and Conny in Honolulu, Hawaii
Dave, Mark and Edyta, and Pete on Maui, Hawaii
David and Kapua on Big Island, Hawaii
Cheryl and Justin on Kadavu, Fiji
KeleKele on Kadavu, Fiji
Anneke and Anthony in Kaikoura, New Zealand
Jutta and Dieter in Nelson, New Zealand
Alice and Alex in Christchurch
Mike and Amanda in Efate, Vanuatu
Mark in Efate, Vanuatu
Tomas at the surf break in Efate, Vanuatu
Mona and family on Tanna, Vanuatu
Agnes and Björn in Sydney
The Duffy family in Bunkers Bay and Perth
Jason for all the delicious delicious cooking
Andi and Antje in Perth
Ben in Gracetown
Sharon and Mike in Denmark
Jean in Les Salines les Bains, La Reunion
Bubu, Agnes and kids in La Reunion
Didier for flying with us on La Reunion
Cyril and Yann on Mauritius
Deeljeet and Marie on Mauritius
Willy and Nathan on Rodrigues
Safa and Armelle on Rodrigues

and many other good souls who crossed our paths.

Thanks to those at home who shared their lives with us even though we were far away.

Thanks to all of you, who helped us get the bureaucratic things at home organized and done…

For us it has been a dream come true…

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