The real Lion King

Our driver’s name was Godlisten and he was so chilled that he may just be one of the representatives from our universe. Over xmas 2013 we did Tanzania the Express way. Seven days, 3 parks, lots of impressions, and thousands and thousands of animals. I have so many impressions in my mind that it feels now like we were there for many weeks. I can feel the heat, see the dust on the earth, the intense blue and red from the Massai by the side of the road in their villages, smell the vegetation through the humid air, and sense the energy from a herd of massive elephants only meters away from our Landcruiser. We started in Tangarire, headed to Karatu as our base, spend a day in Ngoronggorong, then headed down to Lake Manyara, over to Moshi at the foot of Kilimandscharo. Standing at the edge of the crater you sense that moment of the Lion King looking at all his animals in the endless plane. In real life this is the base of a crater with about 10 by 10 km and thousands and thousands of animals.




Xmas day: “Can you bring the word of good to our people”?




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