Take off to a Caribbean summer



Caring about how we feel, getting fully into our Stream of Source Energy.
This is where our clarity, our joy, our flexibility, our balance,
our great ideas and our growing into our best selves comes from.


Palma – Frankfurt – Barbados

Our luggage is a perfect mix for a GIGI summer trip:
1 bag for summer clothing and sun screen
1 bag full of games, books, creative tools, beach toys, slack line and a laptop
1 bag for the surfboards and a kiteboard
1 bag full of kites




A beautiful morning – only the taxi does not show up… Getting there just in time, the airline gave us 2 extra hours as a lightning hit into the plane, so that they had to find a new one that could bring us from Palma to Frankfurt. Now, the chance to catch our Barbados flight from Frankfurt was close to a miracle.
What to do? Having a – as good as it can get – airport breakfast, getting inventive about other options and dreaming about other destinations – as the next Condor flight to Barbados would leave only one week later….

So we decided to take the flight to Frankfurt and make miracles happen. Thanks to Condor pilot and real friend Bernd the plane waited for us although we arrived 7 minutes before departure. THANK YOU Bernd!!! Only our luggage could not run as fast as we did and had to stay in Frankfurt.

Then we arrive at night in Barbados.

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