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Easter in Denmark

During Easter the whole Southwest coast fills up with visitors from Perth, Kalgoorlie, etc. So there is no chance to book a acommendation spontaneously as we always did. But we have a beautiful home for Eastern: we can stay with Mike, the surf instructor, his wife Sharon and the three gorgeous kids. There is the

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we love it here...

Albany: storm in the whale town

Albany was once one of the commercial hot spots of Australia, as whaling was the most important industry back in the 19th century. It is the largest hub on the South Coast of Western Australia, a real city filled with cafes, and shopping malls, and industrial zones and suburbs. It is nestled in the most

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FLOWMOTION – The Zen Art of Surfing

I am absolutely convinced that surfing brings you much closer to your inner self, to your soul. There are many elements that induce a peaceful content state: the fresh salt air, the sound of the waves, the energy of the moving ocean, the beauty of the landscape around you, the rhythm of paddling through the

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Denmark – near the southpole

The next day we arrive in Denmark. Denmark is a small town with about 5000 people, a great community of surfers, soul searchers and environmentally aware people. And apparently some of the best pie makers on this planet according to all the awards they won for their state of the art pies offered at the

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Walpole – kangaroos and endless beaches

We carry on to explore the South although we could easily just stay forever. This time we travel just by car without a campervan. I love the feeling of being on the road and opening up for the unexpected again: the people we meet, the inspirations we get, the places we stay… In Walpole we

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Urchins make beautiful jewelry

A week of full Indulgence in Bunker Bay

We arrived in Perth on an early March afternoon after a 5 hour flight from Sydney. After picking up a cheap white car from Bayswater rental company (“No birds…”), we drove down to Bunker Bay, at the Northern tip of the Margaret River peninsula, very near Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. It sparkled in beautiful sunshine in

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Byron Bay – pure gypset

Byron Bay grew significantly over the last 10 years, and has now about 20,000 permanent residents, but more than 2 million visitors per year. The town attracts a very appealing mix of people: artists, hippies, granolas, surfers, ….. And it offers everything I dream of: open minded people, fantastic surf beaches, organic food, yoga, great

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Heading North to Byron Bay

Byron Bay was always on my mind, because I read about the great community and the beach style. So we changed our plans and decided to cruise up North for another 2 weeks. We spent one night right at the ocean front at Seal Rocks near Foster, where we met Colin, one of the 25

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here they are, kept in stone for thousands of years

Blue Mountains

As contrast to the endless beaches we leave for a week-end in the Blue mountains, a world heritage site, only a 2 hour drive from Sydney. Together with Agnes and Björn, we rented a beautiful house from the beginning of last century. A jewel of modern design combined with antiques, which offered all the comfort

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